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Defibrillator FAQ's

Defibrillator FAQs


The device is a capacitor that charges and generates an electric shock that passes onto the heart. This energy combined with cardiopulmonary resuscitation will contribute towards re starting the heart back to an acceptable rhythm. This is what brings people back to life.



The sooner resuscitation commences, the better. Information shows that after four minutes, brain damage can occur, and if the process is started too late, it can fail. Each situation is different. Ideally you would aim to provide it immediately to give the casualty the best chance of survival. See defibrillator timings.



Yes, if you have an automatic machine, it has a speaker and provides audible commands (eg “Start CPR”) and will keep you informed throughout the process. Some of the models have added features, but the most basic of models will get the job done.



The automatic devices have an interlock, so you can not shock a live heart. The conduction will be blocked.



Nothing. You do not need to be a Doctor, nor have any special training. The equipment is publicly accessible and can be used instantly. Obviously, any first aid training you have is a bonus.



There is a light on the device and a warning tone that will sound if the machine is not functioning correctly. This is determined during it’s daily check period. (models vary). The electrodes and batteries have to be changed every so often.



Feel free to                   or a supplier. We do not receive any commissions nor have biased opinions over brands. There are many videos on Youtube that you can watch of the machines in operation.



                  for a full list of units installed in the local area –





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