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Defibrillator Timings
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Defibrillator Timings

Cardiac Arrest is one of the major causes of death in the UK. It is the sudden severe disturbance of the heart rhythm (arrhythmia) that stops the heart beating or causes it to beat so slow or so fast that it cannot pump enough blood to sustain life.


When cardiac arrest occurs, Defibrillation is the ONLY means of restarting the heart and preventing death.







Survival Rates – Based on an Electric Shock being issued

  • Can you afford NOT to have one nearby?

  • The Clock is ticking from the moment a person goes into Cardiac Arrest

  • The Chances of survival diminish EVERY minute that elapses


Immediate Defibrillation – 90%

After 2 minutes – 75%

After 4 minutes – 55%

After 6 minutes – 36%

After 8 minutes – 16%

After 10 minutes – remote chances of survival