Saving Broken Hearts


Rob and Maggie receive emotional information


On Saturday 15th July we held the Redditch biggest kids parrty ever. Well during the day Rob and Maggie were approached by the lady PCSO on the left hand side picture.


She told them


“That shift was a normal foot patrol when that dreadful call came in.  I knew the location that his friend Harry had described so I jumped in the car with a response officer.  I was not supposed to be there, in that area, but something told me I had to go.


“We found Craig and Harry and my colleague started CPR, I briefly comforted Harry then realised by looking into Craigs eyes that he was leaving us. I knelt down by his side, held his hand and spoke to him. “I didn’t stop talking, asking him to stay. I knew he wasn’t going to but I talked and held his hand until the paramedics arrived.”

Gemma you will forever be in our hearts #hero thank you for being with our son xx


This morning the 17th July Rob and Maggie received this lovely poem from Gemma


I'd never met you, you didn't know me,


Yet on this dreadful night it was meant to be,


I held your hand and spoke to you, praying,


That I wouldn't be the last voice you heard, saying,


Your name and begging you to stay, with us, here,


You had other plans, you went to meet your sister,


It's nearly four years on, I will not forget,


I see your face everyday, I hold your hand every night.


Goodnight Craig xxxx