Saving Broken Hearts


The Pavillion at Catshill Meadows

Today 7th February 2017 we went to Catshill to familiarise people in defibrillator use along with CPR. We would like to thank Cllr Shirley Webb for securing  funding from Bromsgrove District Council's New House Bonus Scheme for 2 x 24hr community public access defibrillator's & seeing the importance of having life saving equipment installed for the community. Defibrillator's along with CPR gives everyone there very best chance of survival.


  The first defibrillator has gone on the wall The Pavilion at Catshill Meadows and is now ready to use if someone suffers a cardiac arrest. The second defibrillator is due to be fitted at Catshill Baptist Church very soon.

If you want to find out more information on how CCSHF could help your school or club get a defibrillator. Click the contact us link below ...

Form-Arrow cllr cpad

  If in an emergency you need to use a CPAD 

                 (community Public Access Defibrillator) 

  call 999 and they will give you the nearest                  

               location and access code

Cllr Shirley Webb with the new CPAD at thr Pavilion Catshill