Saving Broken Hearts


Pride of Redditch Award 2014

It's not every day you can say you saved a mans life but that's exactly what Maggie did.


When a man shopping at his local supermarket collapsed in front of his young daughter with a heart attack. Maggie went straight into action giving the gentleman emergency CPR and got him breathing again before paramedics arrived to take over.


Thanks to Maggie the young girl still has her dad.



Herefordshire Heart Start Special Achievement Award - 2014

British Heart Foundation Special Achievement Award - 2014

West Midlands Ambulance Service Training And Defibrillator Award - 2013

Pride Of Redditch Award - 2013

SADS UK Community AED Award - 2012

Robert & Maggie were also nominated for Pride of Redditch Awards 2014 in recognition of the significant contribution given to Redditch.

rob and maggie redditch awards

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