Saving Broken Hearts

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Weather you want to tackle a 5K run or a full 26 mile marathon Why dont you run on behalf of CCSHF and help make another community heartsafe.

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Take a look at some of the runs available in 2017

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Run for CCSHF and we will:

Supply you with a CCSHF running vest

Set up a just giving fundraising page

Help you smash your target

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Wolf Run

The Wolf Run has 4 events per year in Warwickshire and Leicestershire. Why not take on this action packed challenge of a 5K run through woods, over obsticles and taking a dip across a lake.

Mudnificent 7

This obsticle challenge runs on the 12th August 2017 in the Warwickshire countryside over mud and water.

Great Birmingham Run

If you fancy just running how about taking on the Great Birmingham Run this is a 13.1 half marathon that takes place in and around Birmingham city centre.

Great North Run

The Great North Run is also a 13.1 half marathon. This marathon takes place in Newcastle upon Tyne in September. So why not join the gordies and  run for CCSHF

Birmingham International Marathon

If the Great Birmingham Run half marathon is to short for you  then how about a full 26 miles this again takes place in and around Birmingham city centre but with an earlier start time.

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