Saving Broken Hearts


Today 11th February 2017 we went to Stratford upon Avon to unveil a new 24HR Community Public Access Defibrillator, for the Stratfprd upon Avon Parkrun members. Some of the members also attended a defibrillator and CPR course. This was too  familiarise them in the event of somebody unfortunatly suffering a cardiac arrest.


We would like to thank them for their support and help in making another venue and community heartsafe.

stratford par runners1

Stratford upon Avon Parkrun

              New CPAD unveilled at Stratford upon Avon Parkrun

stratford park runner

     Stratford upon Avon Parkrun member receiving defib and CPR training

Let us help your Parkrun be the next proud owners of a new I Pad SP1 Defibrillator

  If in an emergency you need to use a CPAD 

                 (community Public Access Defibrillator) 

  call 999 and they will give you the nearest                  

               location and access code