Saving Broken Hearts



Call Push Rescue

This is a CPR only course. Set up by the British Heart Foundation it teaches you 3 simple steps.


CALL 999 immediately

PUSH hard and fast on the centre of the chest 30 times

give 2 RESCUE breaths


The course duration is approximately 45minutes it will teach you the enough that if one day you see someone in cardiac arrest you may be able to save their life

CPR and Defibrillator Course

Defibrillator Refresher Course

This course teaches you how to conduct both hands only CPR  as well as hands and breath CPR. It will also cover how to  operate a defibrillator correctly if someone was to go into cardiac arrest.  


  • Duration 1hour 45 mins Approx

  • upto 20 trainee's per course

  • Certificate on completion

call push rescue

The defibrillator refresher course is required on a 12 monthly basis. it's objective is for you to maintain your knowledge in the event of having to use a defibrillator following someone going into cardiac arrest. 

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Welcome to our training page. We offer three options of training the call push rescue course, CPR and defribrillator course and the CPR and defribrillator refresher course. all our course's are conducted at your premises so you don't need to travel. We run them 7 days a week morning or evening so we can fit in with your busy schedule's. All we ask is a contribution to our charity so we can purchase more defribrillators and save more broken hearts.

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